EcoIsb+ Proyect

At Ecoisb + we are committed to protecting the planet, manufacturing eco-friendly products that contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. We have sustainable manufacturing processes based on biodegradable raw materials, with the objective of implementing a circular economy of plastic in accordance with the trend of international regulations.

Why Ecoisb+?

Ecoisb + is made up of a team of professionals committed to ecology and sustainable development who have decided to live in such a way that they can bring prosperity to society, taking care of people’s health, impacting on social welfare and contributing to improve the environment. ambient.

Our products

Eco-friendly bags

In order to reduce the number of polyethylene bags that are discarded daily, we create biodegradable bags that help to take care of the environment and that have the same resistance and appearance as a conventional bag, providing a positive impact on the conservation of our planet.

Eco-friendly gloves.

Our ecological gloves emerge as a response to a changing era in which societies are asking for environmentally friendly solutions: biodegradable and recyclable gloves with a controlled useful life.

Value proposal

Our objective as a company is to guarantee responsible consumption with ecological and sustainable products, contributing our knowledge and experience in their development.


We belong to AIMPLAS, so we guarantee quality products, backed by advice on plastic materials, thus generating a technological and environmental advantage for our products.